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Oct 18, 2010

Costume Review!

Hey peeps,

So I have another costume to share with you. This one is an angel fairy costume. I got it  off of It was a very good price and this costume is not too skimpy or sexy. Here's the picture in the catalog:

I would show you guys the pictures of me in it but1) It's a little too revealing than I would like to share on the internet and 2) my camera  is broken.
Here is my honest review:

In the catalog, you can see that the fabric appears to be thick enough to cover you up; not the case. The fabric is very white, not pink like  in the picture and it's completely see through. Next, as you can see it's a single strap. When I put the dress on, the strap looked very awkward and it just didn't fall like it does in the picture. The wings are a bit uncomfortable but my favorite part is the bottom. It has a under dress that goes diagonal as you can  see and the little frilly thing is very pretty. I am not going to wear this costume this year, but I will save it for next year or let a friend wear it. It looks great on the model but not the same on me. Check out their website  for great, affordable costumes.


Oct 12, 2010

Next Costume!

Hey beauties,

SoI'll be recieving another costume soon but not from the previous website I was advertising for. This next one will be from I'm very excited to show you guys the makeup to go along with it XD
I'll keep you posted


Oct 2, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Hey everyone!!
It's been sooo long! I know! I'm sorry! Our internet has been off for a while so I haven't even looked at my blog! Well I just wanted to let you lovilies to know that I miss you and there will be more looks and  posts very soon.

Aug 23, 2010

First day of School

Hey peeps,

So I know I haven't been posting lately, but my computer is under sonstruction right now so the internet is off and I just got a new phone and I just started school today so things have been a little crazy. But don't worry, I'll have a tutorial up soon from my list. Speaking of school, I'll just tell you guys about my first day. So I only know one person there and my phone has been broken so I haven't been able to text him or anything, but I saw him in the beginning of school which was good. The school is really confusing with the hallways, so I needed help finding my first class. My first period on blue days is chemistry. I meta couple people and we played the corny "get to know you" games. i'm not used to the block schedule, but each class is an hour and a half long which is bad because I hate sitting in a chair that long. Anyway, then a girl I met helped me find my next class, but in the hallway I saw my one friend again and I told his stupid self to meet me there for lunch, I'll get back to that. Then my next class was English and I met like four people and they're pretty cool I guess. I wish I would've met some cuter guys yah know what I mean, but that didn't happen. So then, I had 3rd period off and my one friend didn't meet me at the place I told him to, so I went to lunch by myself. :( Every High school girls' worst nightmare. But i walking to qudoba and my mom drove past me and honked so I just got in the car and went home for lunch. And since I have 3rd period off, I get all three lunches. So I was home in the middle of the day, then I went back to school for 4th period which was torture because the teacher just talked for half an hour, then we had an hour to do nothing! It SUCKED! Thankfully, I found my sister and we rode the bus home. *sigh* Whata day Whata day!! It wasn't horrible, but it was pretty bad. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. :( Anyway, that's just a little update. I'll see you guys later

Aug 19, 2010

Back to School Time!

Hey ladies,
So I just got back from registering for school. Ah I'm so nervous! I had to stand in line for a few hours, then build my schedule. This will be my sophmore year and I know one person but my phone broke and I haven't been able to talk to him. I thought I saw him today but I don't know if it was him lol. I got my planner and ID and I'm so excited! My mom is also going to be giving me, my sister, and my brother our child support in cash so I'll use that buy my phone first, then pay my bill and pay for a bus pass. Me and my sis will be riding the bus to school. It's just easier that way. Well anyways, my phone has been disconnected thats why I haven't been doing videos lately. I'm so nervous for school!! Still need to find a first day outfit. Well that's just a little update so stay beautiful!

Aug 14, 2010

Chic, Half Do

Hey everyone!
So I straightened my hair for the first time in like three months and grew at least 3 inches! It's very hard for brown girl like me to grow their hair so it's a big accomplishment. I was just experimenting with my hair and  I came up with this great style. Very original. So here's my final look:

It's just some volume, braids, and a little bling! 

Here's the products I used:
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Heat protector
  • Flat Iron
  • InStyle Rolling Curler
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair Spray 
  • Hair brush

Here's the official video:

If you have any questions, go ahead and comment this post,


Aug 12, 2010

Dramatic Blue Smokey Eye

Hey gals, so I'm back with another tutorial. This is pretty dramatic so you can dress it up or dress it down however you like. It's great for ladies night out and things like that. I hope you enjoy it and here's the final look:

Here's the official video:

If you have any question, leave me a comment(:

Products used:

  • E.L.F eye primer all over the lid and lower lash line
  • Prestige white eyeliner as a base on the lid and inner tear duct
  • Matte white [from L.A Colors pallet in supernatural]  shadow on the inner third  of the lid
  • Grey shadow in partier from E.L.F on outter 2/3 of lid
  • Blue shadow on crease and lower lash line
  • Matte black [from 88 matte pallet] on outter corner and outter lash line
  • Highlight color from 88 matte pallet
  • Black eyeliner pencil on upper lash line and waterline 
  • Loreal Double Extend mascara

Good Luck!
Love ya!

Aug 11, 2010

Egyptian Costume Review!

Hey gals, I finally received my order from There are so many teen costumes at this site which I love! I got an egytptian princess costume which seems to be the rave nowadays. Here's what it looks like on the web:

Here's it on me:


When I put it on, it's a little tight on the waist and hips. It's a little more loose in the bust, on the side you can see my bra. The whole costume comes with the dress, two armbands, and the head band. It's a very pretty white dress with a thin white veil in the front. It's not as loose as in the picture at the bottom but it's very comfortable to wear. It doesn't come with the shoes, but you can buy them seperatly. I also have the perfect eyes that go with the outfit, here's that link: Anyways, the arm bands are gold, obviously, and they're pretty flexible which I love. I really like the armbands because it's another touch to the outfit, since it is just white. It's a little bit see-through so I would wear some nude underpants hehe. As for the bra situation, I would also wear a neutral color. Recently, my sister discovered these tape on bras.It's a strapless bra, but on the sides, it's some sticky stuff that stick to your skin and you can't  even see it. For the shoes, I would definitely wear some similar to the ones in the model picture. The dress is nice and snug so I think for trick or treat purposes, you'll be just fine. I'm not sure about other girls, but I probably won't ever stop trick or treating! The costume doesn't exactly have that shorter in the front look to it on me. Inall, the costume is great and I woulddefinetley wear it for Halloween or I would gladly lend it to a friend. If you have any questions at all, go ahead and leave a comment or send me a message on my youtube account. Thanks so much to my sponsers at There are so many costumes at that site like girls costumes  for the little ones!

Aug 10, 2010

Clothing Haul!

Hi guys!

So I went to the mall recently, and I bought a couple things that I really love! Here they are:
The front:                                                                                                                             The back:

                                             My favorite:

Oh, and I'm also having a sale on some of the things I don't wear anymore. I was going to have a blog sale but I don't want to have to ship things and take money orders and all that good stuff. But, I'm selling on craigslist so check out the things I have, and leave a comment or send me a message on my contact page. Love you guys!


Here's the link to my ad:

Aug 8, 2010

EyesLipsFace Sale!

Hey my loves,
so I was just browsing some of my fav sites and I just thought I'd let you guys know about some of e.l.f's latests sales and new items. Here they are!

$2 Shipping! Ends Tomorrow!

Gorgeous Back to School Eyeshadow Set ($3)

Back to School Eyeliner ($3 each)

Shimmer Eye Liner ($1)

Hollywood Eyelash Kit ($3)

Back to School Beauty Encyclopedias ($5 each)

Color 101-Duo Shadow Kit ($5 each)

New $1 Version Lipstick

Those are only a few! I love this site and I'm a loyal customer so check it out! Would you rather spend $16 on one brush? Think about it ;)

Love ya!

Aug 5, 2010

Another Tooth?! What!

Hey peeps!

So my little sister is seven and she just lost another tooth! It's funny, these ages, because that's when all their teeth just start falling out like crazy! I can't wait to see her school pictures with all these holes in her mouth haha. Well anyways, I just thought I'd share hehe(:
Love you guys!,

Look of the Day- Egyptian Halloween Inspired

Hey girls,
So, as you know, I will be receiving packages of Halloween Costumes, so I thought I should make a video on the looks to go with that costume. The first costume I'll be getting is an Egyptian costume. I saw a look from xteener last year and also from fafinettex3 for like an Arabian, cut creased look. I really liked it and I was going to be this last year but I was Little Red Riding Hood. Also, around Halloween time, I might have a sale for all my old and new costumes that I'll probably never use again. (: Well anyways, here's the final look:

Products used:

  • Gold cream shadow all over the lid, lower lash line and brow
  • Gold e/s on top of that cream shadow
  • e.l.f cream shadow in black licorice to cut the crease
  • Black e/s from Jane. pallet to set the cream shadow
  • Black Liquid liner on the upper lash line
  • Black e/l on the water line
  • Shimmery white on the inner tear ducts and space in between the two wings
  • Mascara or falsies to finish
Here's the official video:

I hope you guys enjoy this and I'll keep you posted on more Halloween inspired looks!


Jul 31, 2010

Golden Coral

Hey chicas,
So me and my family were going out for something to eat today. We were going to go to Country Buffet but the lunch time was over, so we were going to go to a resturant called Pho [pronounced Fuh.] Pho is vietnamese soup, and probably the best food on the face of the Earth! But anyway, we decided to go to the Golden Coral, which is just another type of buffet joint. For $60 for 6 people, it wasn't worth that. We could've paid half that price at Pho. The food was good and everything but it was just...different I guess. Would I ever volunteer to go there again? Most likely not. So that's just a little update on whats been going on today(: I hope you guys are all having a great day and stay posted!

Jul 29, 2010

Look of the Day- Purple Smokey Eye

Hey chicas,

So I made another new video(:
This is my favorite look, it's a purple smokey eye. My favorite color is purple and I always add this look to a subtle black outfit for a little pop!

Here's the final look:

Here's the products I used:
  • Prestige white eyeliner as a base
  • L.A Colors pallet in "Supernatural" matte white e/s on the inner half of the lid
  • Shimmery purple on the outter half [There's no name on the jar]
  • Rust color on crease [88 pallet]
  • Darker purple on outter crease
  • Highlight color [88 pallet]
  • Loreal Double Extend mascara

Here's the official video:

If you have any questions, go ahead and leave them right down there(:

Jul 28, 2010

My nightly routine

Hey Chicas,

So I made a new video today. It's of my nightly hair care routine. Now, this is mostly suitable for girls that have coarse, thick hair like me. The Doo Gro is to obviously make my hair grow and it's been working great! So here's the video:

If you have any questions as to what I use or anything, go ahead and leave a comment!
Thanks so much and stay beautiful (:

Jul 26, 2010

Look of the Day-Everyday Neutrals

So today I did a new video for a neutral look that can be worn everyday.

Final look:

Here are the products I used:

e.l.f eye primer
Prestige white eyeliner as a base
88 pallet neutral colors on lid
L.A colors pallet in "Trendy" browns on crease
88 Pallet for a highlight
Black Liquid Liner on upper lash line
Loreal double extend mascara
Maybeline [I forgot the name] brown eyeliner on waterline

Here's my final video:

Jul 25, 2010

I did something really stupid today

So I just did all this work just now to make a new tutorial for a smokey eye

I took the pictures and put all the makeup on and guess what...

I've already done the same tutorial!! I started making the video and I was like...Oh crap lmao

I felt so stupid haha I just thought I'd share

Well here's my original smokey eye tutorial if you would like to achieve this look(:

Here's my official video:

New clothes haul!

Hey beauties,
So I got a some new clothes on my birthday and I want to show you guys! Also, I would really appreciate some help on finding the perfect back to school look!

So here's the things I got and I'll put some other things I have up there too for an outfit(:

These are the shirts:

And the jeans:

Leave a comment and tell me what you think!


Jul 23, 2010

Amazing e.l.f. sales!

Hey guys,
So I've stumbled upon some amazing deals is having!
If you haven't heard, mostly everything on the website is only $1! That's where I get mose of my makeup and I encourage you to do the same!
Here's a few things going on:

10 free mineral eyeshadows with your purchace!


New Mineral Infused Face Primer ($6)


Master Makeup Collection ($40) A little overpriced in my opinion


High Definition Powder ($6)


Shimmer Pallet ($3)


Waterproof eyeliner pen ($1)


Eyeliner and shadow stick ($3)


Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Cleaar Mascara ($1)


These are just a few I wanted to show all of you lovelies!
Check out to find more of these fantastic deals!