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Aug 11, 2010

Egyptian Costume Review!

Hey gals, I finally received my order from There are so many teen costumes at this site which I love! I got an egytptian princess costume which seems to be the rave nowadays. Here's what it looks like on the web:

Here's it on me:


When I put it on, it's a little tight on the waist and hips. It's a little more loose in the bust, on the side you can see my bra. The whole costume comes with the dress, two armbands, and the head band. It's a very pretty white dress with a thin white veil in the front. It's not as loose as in the picture at the bottom but it's very comfortable to wear. It doesn't come with the shoes, but you can buy them seperatly. I also have the perfect eyes that go with the outfit, here's that link: Anyways, the arm bands are gold, obviously, and they're pretty flexible which I love. I really like the armbands because it's another touch to the outfit, since it is just white. It's a little bit see-through so I would wear some nude underpants hehe. As for the bra situation, I would also wear a neutral color. Recently, my sister discovered these tape on bras.It's a strapless bra, but on the sides, it's some sticky stuff that stick to your skin and you can't  even see it. For the shoes, I would definitely wear some similar to the ones in the model picture. The dress is nice and snug so I think for trick or treat purposes, you'll be just fine. I'm not sure about other girls, but I probably won't ever stop trick or treating! The costume doesn't exactly have that shorter in the front look to it on me. Inall, the costume is great and I woulddefinetley wear it for Halloween or I would gladly lend it to a friend. If you have any questions at all, go ahead and leave a comment or send me a message on my youtube account. Thanks so much to my sponsers at There are so many costumes at that site like girls costumes  for the little ones!

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