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Aug 23, 2010

First day of School

Hey peeps,

So I know I haven't been posting lately, but my computer is under sonstruction right now so the internet is off and I just got a new phone and I just started school today so things have been a little crazy. But don't worry, I'll have a tutorial up soon from my list. Speaking of school, I'll just tell you guys about my first day. So I only know one person there and my phone has been broken so I haven't been able to text him or anything, but I saw him in the beginning of school which was good. The school is really confusing with the hallways, so I needed help finding my first class. My first period on blue days is chemistry. I meta couple people and we played the corny "get to know you" games. i'm not used to the block schedule, but each class is an hour and a half long which is bad because I hate sitting in a chair that long. Anyway, then a girl I met helped me find my next class, but in the hallway I saw my one friend again and I told his stupid self to meet me there for lunch, I'll get back to that. Then my next class was English and I met like four people and they're pretty cool I guess. I wish I would've met some cuter guys yah know what I mean, but that didn't happen. So then, I had 3rd period off and my one friend didn't meet me at the place I told him to, so I went to lunch by myself. :( Every High school girls' worst nightmare. But i walking to qudoba and my mom drove past me and honked so I just got in the car and went home for lunch. And since I have 3rd period off, I get all three lunches. So I was home in the middle of the day, then I went back to school for 4th period which was torture because the teacher just talked for half an hour, then we had an hour to do nothing! It SUCKED! Thankfully, I found my sister and we rode the bus home. *sigh* Whata day Whata day!! It wasn't horrible, but it was pretty bad. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. :( Anyway, that's just a little update. I'll see you guys later

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Srish said...

First days are always memorable...congrats for making thrugh it! :)
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