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Oct 18, 2010

Costume Review!

Hey peeps,

So I have another costume to share with you. This one is an angel fairy costume. I got it  off of It was a very good price and this costume is not too skimpy or sexy. Here's the picture in the catalog:

I would show you guys the pictures of me in it but1) It's a little too revealing than I would like to share on the internet and 2) my camera  is broken.
Here is my honest review:

In the catalog, you can see that the fabric appears to be thick enough to cover you up; not the case. The fabric is very white, not pink like  in the picture and it's completely see through. Next, as you can see it's a single strap. When I put the dress on, the strap looked very awkward and it just didn't fall like it does in the picture. The wings are a bit uncomfortable but my favorite part is the bottom. It has a under dress that goes diagonal as you can  see and the little frilly thing is very pretty. I am not going to wear this costume this year, but I will save it for next year or let a friend wear it. It looks great on the model but not the same on me. Check out their website  for great, affordable costumes.


Oct 12, 2010

Next Costume!

Hey beauties,

SoI'll be recieving another costume soon but not from the previous website I was advertising for. This next one will be from I'm very excited to show you guys the makeup to go along with it XD
I'll keep you posted


Oct 2, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Hey everyone!!
It's been sooo long! I know! I'm sorry! Our internet has been off for a while so I haven't even looked at my blog! Well I just wanted to let you lovilies to know that I miss you and there will be more looks and  posts very soon.