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Aug 8, 2010

EyesLipsFace Sale!

Hey my loves,
so I was just browsing some of my fav sites and I just thought I'd let you guys know about some of e.l.f's latests sales and new items. Here they are!

$2 Shipping! Ends Tomorrow!

Gorgeous Back to School Eyeshadow Set ($3)

Back to School Eyeliner ($3 each)

Shimmer Eye Liner ($1)

Hollywood Eyelash Kit ($3)

Back to School Beauty Encyclopedias ($5 each)

Color 101-Duo Shadow Kit ($5 each)

New $1 Version Lipstick

Those are only a few! I love this site and I'm a loyal customer so check it out! Would you rather spend $16 on one brush? Think about it ;)

Love ya!

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Tsahi - The Makeup Artist said...

Hey thanks for ckecking out and following my blog. i will do the same as well. :) Keep in touch :)