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Jul 22, 2010

Look of the Day-Natural Beauty

Hey loves

So I have seen Michelle Phan's tutorial on Natural Beauty and I have really come to love it

I tried it and I seem to glow even though I'm not wearing pounds of makeup.

Here's my final look:


These are the products I used:


  • Estee Lauder cream concealer
  • Maybeline color stay concealer
  • Mineral Power Powder


  • Prestige eyeliner
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Loreal double extend mascara

At the end of this process, you should feel like you're not wearing makeup even though you are. You should feel your face looking very fresh and warm. Good luck and I hope you enjoy doing this look as much as I do.

Here's the official video:

1 comment:

Reina said...

Looks very natural, good stuff!